Triple Canopy Security Jobs

Triple Canopy, Inc. is a private military company specializing in risk management, mission support, and integrated security services. The company’s clients range from government, to corporate and non-profit clients. Originally founded by former U.S. Army Special Forces and Delta Force veterans, the current staff includes a number of former law enforcement officers, Rangers, SEALs, and Army SF personnel in the more than 5,00 total employees who work for the company. For prior military and police veterans, there are typically a fair number of Triple Canopy Security jobs available to apply for when looking for good paying military-related gigs outside of the armed forces.

Triple Canopy History

The Triple Canopy company was originally founded in 2003 by U.S. Army SF veterans Matt Mann and Tom Katis. The original motivation behind the founding of the company was to fill a void in the areas of combatting international terrorism as well as to apply their military experience to training government agencies in anti-terrorism techniques. The first contract awarded to Triple Canopy was in 2004 to help equip and guard Allied forces in the Iraq War Zone to include the Coalition Provisional Authority.

After successfully filling the initial contract, the company won a number of U.S. State Department contracts (one of a few companies) to provide embassy security around the world under the Worldwide Personal Protective Service contract. In 2010, Triple Canopy was hired to help assist in providing humanitarian relief efforts in Haiti following the catastrophic earthquake that struck the country. Later that year, Triple Canopy was one of approximately 60 private military companies who agreed to increased vetting and training of security personnel, increased reporting of violations of the law, and to cut back the use of force in war zones throughout the world.

Triple Canopy acquired Clayton Consultants, Inc in 2007. Clayton Consultants specialized in providing crisis management security consultations to include training, security consulting, and incident response. With the acquisition came the expansion of Triple Canopy’s work to include providing security on the U.S. and Mexico border as well as combatting piracy in the Gulf of Aden.

Backing up a bit, in the spring of 2009, Triple Canopy was awarded contracts that were previously under Blackwater USA in Iraq to provide security for Coalition Provisional Authority Headquarters throughout the country. Before this time, the company had primarily handled contracts outside of Baghdad. Other than providing security, the company has also seen press for sponsoring the Iraq Energy Expo and Conference that is designed to help continue rebuilding the country of Iraq after the war.

Today, Triple Canopy’s leadership includes former industry analysts, asset management experts, consultants, and former Delta Force officers. The current leadership of the company at the time of this writing includes:

Matt Mann, Co-Chairman

Tom Katis, Co-Chairman

Iggy Balderas, Director and CEO

Matt Luckett, Director

Tom Magnani, CFO

Jay Christy, COO

Juliet Protas, Senior VP and General Counsel

What Type of Work Does Triple Canopy Do?

Triple Canopy specializes in managing complex programs to help mitigate risk, achieve organizational objectives, and help ensure business

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continuity across the globe. The company offers program management solutions that include planning, training and security services, and mission support. In order to leverage other industry talent, Triple Canopy makes use of vetted partners to provide a rapid response capability to help their clients efficiently and safely meet the challenges found in many less-than-hospitable environments around the world.

The company focuses on three primary branches of support to clients to include: mission support, security solutions, and training programs. Within each specialization, Triple Canopy makes use of the Assess, Avert, and Achieve mantra to help clients meet their goals while following ethical and best practices found in the international security industry.

How Does Triple Canopy Assess Security Problems?

In order to help clients properly assess security situations they are facing, the company employs a team of highly experienced security specialists. This team will first conduct a comprehensive site analysis after sitting down with the client to confirm what the client knows about contract requirements at the start of the business relationship. The team will then conduct a comprehensive site analysis to assess the current and emerging threats to the client’s team, create and vet security plans, and then allocate appropriate security resources after confirmation with the client regarding supportability.

Averting Security Issues

After the assessment phase of a contract is complete, Triple Canopy’s team leverages an integrated approach to managing security program(s) for their clients. These actions include making use of both fixed-site and mobile security teams, ongoing security assessments, intelligence and analysis support, and community engagement plans (when required). As security contracts evolve, the team will also make recommendations in consultation with the home office on new or emerging technologies that can be leveraged to better protect the client’s interests.

Achieving Client Goals

By partnering with the client through the security planning and implementation process, Triple Canopy helps clients achieve their goals while maintaining business continuity. This is achieved through the integrated mission support and security process the company has used to good success since start-up. The ongoing assessment process leveraged by Triple Canopy helps ensure new threats are identified prior to the risk to the client surpassing the capability of the security plan(s) that have been put into place.

How to Apply for a Job at Triple Canopy

Triple Canopy is a veteran-friendly company founded by former U.S. Army SF personnel. More than 60 percent of the company’s work force includes former members of the military services. Unlike similarly designed companies, Triple Canopy retains a corporate staff to include contract and full-time operational employees. Job skills commonly sought out by the company include: military combat arms, military special operations, military police, security police or security force management, law enforcement (SWAT/SRT), business management/project management, and job positions with technical expertise in: emergency medicine, operations coordination

program management, administration, security assessments, logistics, accounting, human resources, marketing, and information technology/information systems.

The primary methods to apply for a job at Triple Canopy are via their website or in-person.

The two primary ways to apply for a job at ACADEMI are online or in person. In-person applications can typically be accomplished at one of the company locations or at a military job fair that Triple Canopy holds or attends.

Step 1 – Take a look at the job postings listed on the Triple Canopy website to see if you qualify for any of the open positions. Similar to other private security companies, just because a job opening you are interested in is not posted doesn’t mean that it won’t become available soon. You may have to wait to find the perfect opening, or take a lower-level job at the company to get your foot in the door.

Step 2 – Take your resume and tailor it to match the job skills that Triple Canopy is seeking out on the job postings section of their website. If you have applied for a job at a company or other corporate entity before, this will be similar to the editing you have accomplished previously. You will want to ensure that related military or police experience is highlighted on your resume. This should also include any related military training, combat experience, and educational milestones that are pertinent to the job you are seeking. It’s also never a bad idea to have a human resources expert edit your resume for you prior to submitting a job application to Triple Canopy to give you a better shot at getting hired!

Step 3 – Get copies of all of your military (or police) related qualifications and references. To put more weight behind your refs, ensure you have a past commanding officer and /or senior supervisor or two listed if you can. (Make sure they are ones who remember you in a positive light…). You will also need to be prepared to upload your training certificates at the time of application, so go ahead and take the time to scan them into PDF format before starting the job application process.

Step 3 – If you were previously on active duty, make sure you scan in a copy of your DD-214, your college transcripts/diploma (or high school if you did not attend college), your tourist passport, and driver’s license. The passport and license should be valid for a minimum of a year past the potential employment date if not longer.

Step 4 – Ensure that you do not have any felony or domestic violence convictions on your record. The company will check this, and it doesn’t do them or you any favors to waste their time applying for a job when you will be disqualified based on U.S. federal law.

Step 5 – Fill out the first page of the Triple Canopy job application page under the job opening on their website you are interested in filling. They will ask for your personal information as well as starting salary and how you were referred to the company.

Step 6 – Upload your resume and other requested documentation for the job opening. The company will ask for copies of your supporting documentation to include proof of your military or police experience, passport, and driver’s license. Expect to have the company perform a full background check on your history, and be willing to provide your social security number to assist in the process on demand. No willingness to permit a background check by the company will typically == no employment.

Step 7 – After you have submitted the job application wait a few days. If you have not received feedback via phone or email after a few days, follow-up directly with Triple Canopy to see where you stand.

Step 8 – If you are considered suitable for employment, the company will likely ask you to submit to a full medical exam and undergo a fitness test if you are applying for an operational job.

Step 9 – If hired to take a job located out of the country, ensure you ask the HR department about the overseas tax break for U.S. citizens. You will be entitled to take up to your first ~94K in income tax free as a U.S. citizen working outside of the United States. If you are a resident of another country, your tax laws / treaties may differ so you will want to find out prior to deploying what type of tax structure you will be under while working for Triple Canopy.